Your business is ready to scale & expand

With a team of experts to take the hard work off your hands

 You have a BIG vision

We’re here to do the heavy lifting of strategizing and implementing the next level of your business

BREATHE… We’ve got you.

Ready to scale and expand your business? Here are some good signs:

– You’re at capacity with your workload and feel overwhelmed at the idea of any additional work.

You’ve hit a plateau with your revenue and want to add additional growth strategies.

– You’re business is already expanding natrually on its own, but lacks the systems to create ease and structure along the way.

You’re daydreaming about having your own in-house team (or an assistant) to help you take a lot of the work off your plate.

Yep, scaling your business is a pretty vague term. Essentially, you’re craving the “next level” in your business and need support getting started or desire someone else to take this big project off your hands.

That’s where we come in!

Marketing Strategy

To increase your reach, we focus on expanding the current marketing strategy. We use research and testing to create the marketing model that makes the most sense for your business – what platforms, messaging for your ideal client, etc.


One of the best ways to scale your business is by handing over some of your work to little computerized robots – aka automation. We can help to build your backend systems, funnels, and operations to support growing your client list in your sleep.

Hiring Support

Ready to hire your own in-house VA or small team but don’t know where to get started? We’re here to help you create the systems, SOP’s, training materials to onboard new team members with ease! We can even help you in the hiring process.

Customized projects

We will meet for a detailed strategy support call to plan the next steps for your business expansion and how our team will come in to take on the bulk of your workload.


Detailed Longterm Strategy


Funnel Building & Automation

Standard Operating Procedures

Business and Marketing Consulting

We also offer consulting services for the entrepreneur who already has the team or time to implement a growth strategy, but desires expert assistance on planning. We will take a detailed review of your current business and marketing plan and outline your steps to your next level of business and revenue.

“Taryn Raine has been an ABSOLUTE GODSEND for my Spiritual Business!  I hired her as an OBM in October while I was stabilizing and scaling, and having her eyes and expertise on my business really helped me stay focused, profitable, and moving in the right directions.  A main reason that I hired her was because she had already gone through Elaina Ray’s Sapphire Mastermind, so it was very helpful that she was already in alignment and experienced with the effective systems, strategies, mindset, and approach towards business that I was looking to model. Our weekly calls were invaluable, and she was also super responsive and supportive throughout the week as well.

Some of the things she helped me with: graphic and video design, social media scheduling and posting, training and communicating with and overseeing my VA, creating SOP’s for my business, launch campaigns and email sequences for several offers, managing my team, organizing tasks on Asana, keeping me on track for my sales goals, giving feedback on my thousands of ideas and helping me stay focused and smart, and so many other things to systemize and scale my business!
Taryn is super smart, skilled, capable, empathic, and an excellent communicator.  I highly recommend her as an invaluable asset to anyone’s business.

– Jade Chen | Spiritual Business Mentor |


Connor and Taryn are the founders of Traffic Made Easy and are highly involved in overseeing your business strategy.

Connor is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience building companies in the marketing, education, health & wellness niches. His specialty is in understanding people and algorithms.

Taryn is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur and coach with experience in communications, events, sales, and management. She loves creating ease through systems and offering a loving, human experience for all our clients.

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