At Ease & Fully Supported in your Business

With a team of experts dedicated to growing your business alongside you

 Our team is YOUR team.

Imagine having your own team of marketing experts, business managers, and specialized VA’s who care for your business as if it were their own – at a fraction of the cost.

Your business is ready to expand and the solopreneur thing was a lot less glamorous than you’d originally imagined. Instead of living out your passions, you find yourself bogged down by the admin tasks and can’t seem to find the space to plan, manage, and implement the strategies you’re most excited about.

You want to make a big impact in your business – and feel fully supported in the process.

We’ve been there – as early entrepreneurs, we remember how exhausting it was to manage the business, especially when you’re here to be the visionary! You started this business as a way to share your talents and purpose… turns out, management and marketing aren’t that.

That’s why we’re here!

We help clients to create ease in their business with the systems, strategies, and processes to expand without the burnout.

You deserve to focus on the work you love, take time off, and have a business that leaves you feeling fully held and supported.

We have your back!

what makes us different?

Most expanding entrepreneurs expand their team with a single VA or business manager who have a wide range of mediacre skills. What we offer is access to our team of experts and specialized VA’s at the same rate as a single hire.


Content Creation & Design


Marketing Strategy via Research

Administrative Support & Systems

Funnels and Automation Support

Marketing & Business Strategy

Taryn and Connor have a combined 18 years of online business and marketing management. We’ll work with you to build a custom strategy to uplevel your business.

Online Business Management

This is like project management – for your entire online business. An OBM takes our big vision strategy and breaks it down into the steps for our team to get it done. They oversee the structure, systems, and ongoing projects within your business – including projects with contracted support, such as your web developer. Overall, the OBM makes sure nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Specialized Virtual Assistants

Our VA’s have a variety of talents, which includes:

  • Administrative tasks: scheduling, media outreach, file cleaning
  • Communication: email support, DM management, email strategy
  • Marketing: build funnels, schedule social media, repurpose content
  • Design: graphic design, website support, video editing, podcast editing

We don’t do cookie cutter

We manage your business like we would our own – with plenty of research, testing, and reevaluating the most effective strategies for your business. For this reason, we don’t do standard, task-based packages that tend to be limiting on change or re-evaluation. 

Instead, we create packages based on your growth desires and budget to determine the number of hours our team can support you with each week. This creates more flexibility in what services we provide, based on your launch needs, new strategy testing, etc.

Our basic package starts at $1500 per month.

“Taryn Raine has been an ABSOLUTE GODSEND for my Spiritual Business!  I hired her as an OBM in October while I was stabilizing and scaling, and having her eyes and expertise on my business really helped me stay focused, profitable, and moving in the right directions.  A main reason that I hired her was because she had already gone through Elaina Ray’s Sapphire Mastermind, so it was very helpful that she was already in alignment and experienced with the effective systems, strategies, mindset, and approach towards business that I was looking to model. Our weekly calls were invaluable, and she was also super responsive and supportive throughout the week as well.

Some of the things she helped me with: graphic and video design, social media scheduling and posting, training and communicating with and overseeing my VA, creating SOP’s for my business, launch campaigns and email sequences for several offers, managing my team, organizing tasks on Asana, keeping me on track for my sales goals, giving feedback on my thousands of ideas and helping me stay focused and smart, and so many other things to systemize and scale my business!
Taryn is super smart, skilled, capable, empathic, and an excellent communicator.  I highly recommend her as an invaluable asset to anyone’s business.

– Jade Chen | Spiritual Business Mentor |


Connor and Taryn are the founders of Traffic Made Easy and are highly involved in overseeing your business strategy.

Connor is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience building companies in the marketing, education, health & wellness niches. His specialty is in understanding people and algorithms.

Taryn is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur and coach with experience in communications, events, sales, and management. She loves creating ease through systems and offering a loving, human experience for all our clients.

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