Social media is built for engagement. Whether you’re sharing information, posting images, inviting fans to join a group, or simply commenting on someone’s post, it’s all about making meaningful connections with your audience and contributing to your online community. 

We’ve put together a list of 50 different calls to action, which we hope will help you get the engagement your content deserves. 

Creative Calls to Action

Before proceeding with the list of CTA’s, it’s time to get creative with your call-to-action buttons. Your customers are looking for a reason to click, and if you’re not giving them one, they’ll find one elsewhere.

Here are some ideas that will give you an edge over the competition:

  • Use emojis: If your business is fun and friendly, this is a great way to convey that in a CTA.
  • Use GIFs: If your business is fun and friendly, this can also be an effective technique. Try using an animated GIF of your product in action, or have it pop up on hover.
  • Add color: This one is simple—just add some color! There’s nothing more boring than plain white buttons on a website, so spice it up. 
  • Have fun with it: Be creative! Find something different from what everyone else is doing, and do it better than anyone else!

Calls to Action To Avoid

CTAs are known to be fun and creative. But do you know what’s not cool? Using old, outdated calls to action.

Try to avoid these CTAs:

  1. “Click here.”
  2. “Learn more.”
  3. “Shop now!”
  4. “Sign up today!”
  5. “Join here.”

Here’s a list of 50 different calls to action to boost your content and convert:

Social Media Actions

Social media is a great way to reach out and engage with your customers, but it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right type of call to action.

  1. Save this post
  2. Watch our stories for
  3. Send me a DM if you
  4. Tag a friend who
  5. Pin this image
  6. Follow us on
  7. Share your story with us
  8. Comment down your thoughts
  9. Share this post on
  10. What’s your favorite
  11. This or that?
  12. Double tap if you
  13. Tell me if we’re the same.
  14. Tweet this if
  15. Show us your

Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is exactly what it sounds like: It makes people feel like they have to act now, or they’ll miss out on something good—or worse, they’ll miss out on something bad. 

16. This is your last chance!

17. Act NOW!

18. Offer expires soon!

19. Sale ends today!

20. One-time offer only!

21. Only available up to (date)

22. Hurry! Grab yours!

23. Only (# of days) days left!

24. Limited time only!

25. On sale today!

26. Get started today!

27. Get access now!

Sense of Exclusivity

People love exclusivity. If you can give them something no one else has, they’ll be eager to share it with their friends just so they can brag about being the first to see it.

28. Special offer

29. Only a few left!

30. Exclusive for 

31. Limited supply

32. For Subscribers only!

33. For members only!

34. Limited spots left!

Offer something free

The best way to get people to do what you want them to do is to offer something for free. The important thing is that you make sure it’s something that is going to provide value in exchange for some information from your customers.

35. Sign up for FREE!

36. Free trial within (# of days) days!

37. Grab this Free shipping voucher!

38. Download your FREE E-book

39. Claim your FREE coaching guide!

40. Grab this freebie!

Other Creative CTAs

41. Over 10,000 people like you have already signed up!

42. Send me (newsletters/specials) now!

43. Let’s chat!

44. Add this to your favorites!

45. Bookmark this site

46. Let’s connect now!

47. Book a call now!

48. Click the link in the bio

49. Head to the blog to learn

50. Giveaway time! Enter to win

…while funny, creative, eye-catching, and even delicious-looking CTAs inspire potential customers and clients to click through, there is still a need for a simple, proven CTA model. What your online audience seeks is something that works—a simple call to action formula that gives them just enough motivation to make their way through the process of buying (or signing up) with you.

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