Traffic Made Easy was co-founded by two adventurers, passionate about personal growth, entrepreneurship, and helping others enjoy the same. Connor and Taryn met in Split, Croatia on a travel program in 2017 and quickly bonded over their desire to build a lifestyle based on freedom, funded by their online businesses.

This is what led them both to Pinterest! As entrepreneurs with limited time and no money to invest in ads, Taryn and Connor focused their energy on mastering organic traffic on the platform. After each grew their own successful online businesses, their next exciting adventure was to help others grow their own reach in the same way.

Thus, Traffic Made Easy was born in 2020!



Connor is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience building companies in the marketing, education, health & wellness niches.  

He single-handedly grew his previous business, Transform Fitspo to 250,000 Instagram followers in 10-months, before setting his sights on Pinterest. Within 6-months, Pinterest was sending 450,000 monthly website visitors to the business and taking three hours a month to manage. Transform Fitspo was bootstrapped to profitability four-months after it was founded, and sold a mere 14-months after that. 

His specialty is in understanding people and algorithms. He uses these insights to go viral on a given social media platform, and then to automate a business machine around solving the problems of that audience.

When he’s not working you can find him chasing adrenaline fueled adventure around the world, primarily freediving, scuba, motorcycle road-trips & intense hiking.

From the UK, currently in Greece


Taryn Raine is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who also grows an online wellness platform and growing coaching practice, the Remote Yogi. She focuses on helping women to feel less anxious and more confident.

Starting her first business with little money or time, she poured her energy into growing her Pinteres account, which now receives more than 10 million views per month. She’s enjoys making life easier with automation in order to give her attention to the people within her growing community.

When she’s not working, you can find Taryn hunting down the best coffee anywhere in the world, perfecting her baking skills between dance breaks, and hosting ceremonial circles under a full moon.

From the US, Currently in Bali


Meet Lexy Lee

Client & Team Manager

Lexy has over 4 years of social media management and admin support for online businesses and hotel e-commerce. When she’s not got her laptop out at an island cafe, you can find Lexy rolling out a yoga mat, loading up her scuba gear, or reading a new personal development book by the pool.

Currenltly in Indonesia.


Meet Nin Mones

Incredible VA & Writer

Nin has an impressive background in online administrative work. She has worked as an admin assistant, social media manager, and accounting. She also runs her own blog and enjoys playing online games in her spare time. Like the rest of us, Nin also enjoys traveling as much as she can.

Currently in the Philippines.

Meet Elise Lim

Badass Designer & Editor

Elise is our dedicated video editor, graphic designer, content creator, and social media manager. She spends her spare time editing videos for her church and expanding her photography skills.

 Currently in the Philippines.


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